Financial Wellness Assessment

Answer a few questions about your money habits, receive a rating of your overall financial health, and begin to design your path toward financial wellness.
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It takes less than 5 minutes to get a personalized plan for improving your financial health. So take a moment to invest in yourself and start the journey toward reaching your goals.

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It’s tempting to tell yourself that you’d rather not think about your financial health, but that’s a road to unnecessary headaches and unmet goals. This assessment will get you on the path to financial satisfaction.

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This financial assessment evaluates the 8 most important aspects of your relationship with money.

Behaviors and Emotions
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Spending Habits

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long will the Financial Wellness Assessment take?
    Less than 5 minutes. But the assessment will refer you to hours of content that will help you learn more about various aspects of your financial health. You can even save your progress and the accompanying resources for you to reference at any time.
  • What information do I need to take the assessment?
    The vast majority of the information you’ll need are things that you’ll know without having to dig through files or look something up, such as your spending habits and debt information. Remember, this financial assessment is designed to be as easy as possible, so if there’s anything you don’t know the specifics of, that’s okay! Just take your best guess.
  • What are some examples of financial wellness?
    You achieve financial wellness by making healthy financial decisions. For example, deciding to conserve power to save on electricity or saving a percentage of your monthly income for retirement, can both help build toward a more financially secure life and, thus, increase your financial wellness.
  • What is a financial wellness score?
    A financial wellness score is a way to gauge how you’re doing and find the areas that you can improve. The Financial Wellness Assessment gives you a score of 1-100 and places you into one of four categories depending on that score.
  • How does financial wellness affect health?
    Your finances affect nearly every aspect of your life, whether directly, such as changing the quality of the things you buy, or indirectly by adding stress or anxiety to your life. By taking care to address your financial situation, you can improve nearly all other aspects of your life.

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